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Blue Light Defy Booster

Booster Serum Series

A skin-protective booster serum supercharged with resurrection plant extract and InfraGuard. This booster can improve skin firmness, prevent light-induced skin ageing, and shield your skin from digital pollution such as blue light from mobile phones or laptop screens.


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Protection from Blue Light Pollution

Packed with a powerful blend of botanical extracts with a protecting boost of antioxidant effects, this booster serum protects the skin from light-induced damage by preventing free radical formation.


Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Haberlea rhodopensis, also known as the resurrection plant, allows for the rejuvenation of the skin at different cellular levels while promoting collagen synthesis at the same time. This ingredient causes significant and visible improvement in skin elasticity and skin radiance in as little as 14 days!


Improves Skin Firmness

This formula combines plant actives' anti-photoageing benefits to prevent collagen degradation and promote collagen production, which results in tighter, firmer skin.


Beauty Hack

CERM's booster serums are complementary to one another despite being individually formulated to address specific skin concerns. To achieve optimal results, layer the serums together or with other skincare products according to what your skin needs! Each booster serum is lightweight and quick to absorb.

Apply 3 - 4 drops onto cleansed skin. You can also mix it in with another booster serum (or any other moisturiser or foundation you prefer) to combine the benefits! For best results, apply it twice a day—morning and night.
Aqua, Glycerin, Haberlea Rhodopensis Leaf extract, Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Pod Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Sprout Extract, Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Phytate, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Citric Acid

Made from Haberlea rhodopensis, also known as the resurrection plant, Chronoglow is a natural cure for the skin known for exhibiting strong antioxidant capacity with up to 90% protection level against oxidative stress and being able to improve skin radiance.


On the other hand, InfraGuard combines organic sunflower shoots and powerful antioxidants in order to efficiently protect the skin against the harmful effects of light-induced skin ageing and photoageing.