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Three Ways to Use The Serum

Three Ways to Use The Serum

For those just starting with skincare, face serums may sound intimidating. We’re all used to the basic 3-step skincare routine: cleanse, tone, and moisturise. But as the world of skincare continues to advance, we’re introduced to more amazing products such as serums. Without a doubt, incorporating an efficient serum into your skincare routine can completely transform your skin.

What does a serum do?

Serums are highly concentrated skincare products packed with active ingredients formulated specifically to address your skincare concerns. Providing treatment to a range of issues from fine lines and dark spots to dryness and acne. They penetrate the skin deeply and easily absorb to effectively target your skincare needs.

If you’re currently on the hunt for the best serum to try, you may have already stumbled upon the active ingredient squalane while researching. Squalane is a great antioxidant that naturally exists in our skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that protect the skin from harsh radicals in our environment. Squalane in skincare can both be extracted from animals such as sharks or from plants (which is called phytosqualane). Phytosqualane, also known as vegetable squalane, is deemed to be more ethical and sustainable which is why it’s ideal to go for face serums featuring phytosqualane.

Most serums are very versatile such as CERM’s The Serum. CERM’s The Serum is a phytosqualane-based serum. This is a deeply hydrating yet lightweight formula that is easily absorbed into the skin. It features an optimal blend of ceramides and carefully-selected plant oils to nourish, hydrate, protect, and repair. An effective all-in-one treatment to keep your skin feeling its best.

Three Ways to Use The Serum

Apply The Serum before your moisturiser

Serums are made to penetrate deep into the skin, helping the active ingredients to work effectively. Moisturisers help to hydrate the skin and leave a moisture film on the surface of the skin. This barrier will prevent The Serum from being fully absorbed. To enjoy the full effect of The Serum apply to cleansed skin before moisturiser.

Add a couple of drops of serum to your moisturiser

Another way to use The Serum is to give your daily moisturiser an extra boost. Add 2-3 drops to your favourite moisturiser (we recommend Invity’s Youth Activating Cream Concentrate). The added benefit of Squalane adds a hydration boost, helping to moisturise even deeper.

Use half a pipette as an intensive night time treatment

If your skin is experiencing moderate to severe dryness or premature signs of ageing, you might need an intensive night time treatment. Apply a generous amount, at least half a pipette, onto your face and gently massage in until fully absorbed. If you’re using an iontophoresis device, this can also be a powerful product to let the device glide smoothly on the skin, minimising friction. Think of it as a skincare booster that delivers full nourishment to your skin while also working in complete synergy with the rest of your skincare products. The skin is at the peak of naturally repairing itself at night time. With this said, using an ample amount of serum during your night skincare routine can help with the skin’s natural cell regeneration by supplying immense nourishment and moisture to the skin.

Facial serums are essential to level up your skincare. Moisturising is not enough, especially if you have skincare concerns that you’d like to target. These three different ways to use The Serum can help you maximise its potency in order to get the most of its benefits.

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